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Replace the damaged springs immediately

If the garage door springs are damaged, they might snap any minute. If the overhead door is open when they do, it will come down with tremendous force. If springs break, they might fly out and hurt anyone standing by. Let our technicians quickly fix them.

Check the rollers for rust

Steel garage door rollers will last for even two decades but since they are sensitive to moisture, they will eventually wear. Since their worst enemy is moisture, they will rust. In this case, they won't slide smoothly and will be noisy even if they are lubricated.

Learn more about springs and their dangers

Garage door springs can be dangerous. It's good to know what you're dealing with to take precautions. When the door is open, spring tension is in its minimum. Springs will break if you install a heavier door. Our contractors encourage you to learn more to avoid problems.

Use these to keep a garage door in place when doing repairs

When doing garage door repair, it is often very important to keep the door panel steady or firmly held in place. To achieve this, you can use locking pliers. These locking pliers can also be used to hold some garage door repair parts for a more convenient grasp.

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